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Tasks is an activity to achieve a goal.  You can create, edit, share a task. For each task, you and other users can add tips

1. Click the green ‘+ new’ button next to ‘My Tasks’

2. Give your Plot a title and a description. The more you add in the description, the better the system can help you and other users findig this task for our plots.

3. Click Create Task and you are good to go. Your task will be shown

4. [optional] If you already have some tips you can add them now . More about adding tips, click here.

1. Go and find your task. You can either use search or click on My Task

2. Open the task you want to edit

3. Click on the Edit icon on the right corner

4. Edit either your title or description (or both).

For your convenience a green border will appear around the text block you are editing.

5. Click save

There are two ways you can quickly see all tasks you have created

1. Click on My Tasks on the right navigation bar

2. Or go to My Profile

3. Click on My Tasks