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Plots are collections of tasks and tips on how to complete your work better and faster. You can create a new Plot or copy a Plot made by your colleagues, so you can jumpstart your work and apply existing lessons learned & tips right away.

1. Click the yellow ‘+ new’ button next to ‘My Plots’

2. Give your Plot a title and a description. The more you add in the description, the better the system can help you find relevant Tasks that you can add to your Plot.

3. Click next

4. Now you can add Tasks that the system suggests for you by clicking the  ‘+ add’ or search for tasks or create a new one.

5. After you added the Tasks, click ‘Create Plot’ to finish. The Plot is now added to your Plots.

1. Click on the edit icon next to the Plot title

2. Edit the title or description and click save to finish

1. Click on the copy icon next to the Plot title

2. Now the Plot is yours so you can change it to your needs