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We like to help you discover new knowledge from colleagues so you can apply it to your daily work. The system will notify you when knowledge has been added to relevant Tasks or Plots.

On the top bar of your screen you can see new notifications:

You can favorize the Plot you like to receive updates from by clicking on the star next to the Plot title:

Now you will get notified as soon as a colleague adds knowledge to this Plot

When you like your colleague’s work, just follow him or her to get notified when they add their work to the system.

1. Click the person who you would like to follow below the post.

2. Press ‘Follow‘ in his profile page and you are ready

Find just what you’re looking for on Plottu with Search:

  • Plots
  • Tasks
  • Tips
  • Users
  • Subjects


  1. Type the plot, task, tip, username, or subject or into the search bar
  2. Select a result from the drop-down list.