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How Can We Help You?

How To Use Plottu


Lists are collections of tasks and tips on how to complete your work better and faster. You can create Lists yourself or copy existing ones made by your colleagues to jumpstart your work.


Create new tasks or use existing ones created by your colleagues to structure your daily work and projects.


Easily share you best practices by adding tips to tasks you are working on. ‘Like’ the tips from your colleagues so everyone can benefit from the top-rated best practices.

Smart Suggestions

Create a new plot and the system will automatically suggest relevant tasks for your plot. Create a new task and find similar with the latest tips so your work is made a lot easier.

Discover Knowledge

Get notifications on your favorized tasks and plots and discover the latest knowledge from your colleagues.

Browser Plugin

Everyone is browsing the web for information. With the browser plugin it is now easy to find interesting information and link it to the tasks you are working on.